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Insert Corny love title Here
Your smile is contagious
it lights up my heart.
Your sillier than me
and I wonder how I never noticed before.
How has it been only a few months,
when it feels like forever?
We are so easy
as smooth as cream,
and you are just as sweet.
When I think of you I light up,
I know you aren't perfect
and neither am I
but when we are together it doesn't matter.
You like me for all my quirks
and I like yours.
I want to say so badly
that four letter word, I know its true.
But I can't help but wonder if you return it,
I know you care
its in your eyes,
your words,
the way the hold me like I'm fragile
and you don't want to ever let me go.
But it's my fear than it's to soon
it'll scare you away
and I don't know what I would do.
So for now I will freely give you my
And ask nothing in return.
But I know it's just my fear
and one day I will tell you this gift I
gave you.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 3
A Moment in Time
Things were dark awhile back
my emotions like a yo-yo up and down
all the time,
but I hid it behind a mask
free of pain.
If I didn't acknowledge it,
maybe it would disappear
a puff of air
never there
hidden away, no despair.
It didn't go away
but I held on
I persevered, didnt let go.
I didnt let myself fall.
So here I stand
light as air
my smile is real
nothing to fear.
Some call me an optimist
HAH! You should hear my thoughts someday.
Some call me naive
maybe I am.
But none of that matters
Because here I am
and nothing can change this moment in time.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 2
Dealings with Demons
       "Momma?" trembled out the young boy. He opened his eyes, but it made no difference the darkness was still as unyielding as ever. The boy was far to old to be afraid of the dark, but this darkness was different. He could tell. The same way a mouse senses a cat in the room without seeing it.
All of him hurt and he could feel what could only have been blood sluggishly sliding down his face. He tried to call out again, with no results. The air was heavy with nothing. He couldn't see or hear anything. He vaguely remembered hearing rain and listening to his parents fighting in the car. He remembered being scared and angry at his daddy for yelling at his momma. He just wanted it to end.
"Do you? Do you really want everything to end child?" A voice wafted around the boy making his jump badly jarring a few sore rib bones. " I can end it all, you know, the fighting and the pain." The boy peered into the darkness clutching his shirt sleeves tightly, tryin
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 3
Sam's Poem
My life is at a cross roads
Im standing in the middle
stairing at the possibilites.
Stuck though where I am
being slowly swallowed
by a rut
that gets slowly larger, fed by
and fear.
Fear of putting ones self
out there.
Fear of streching ones mind
and putting ones self
out of their box.
So please someone find
my pathetic self and
pull me out of this hole.
Save me from myself
push me back onto the road.
Cause Im scared
I've got this fear.
Fear of putting ones self
out there.
Fear of streching ones mind
and putting ones self
out of their box.
Pull me out
So I may choose my own path.
Not the one that people would
push me towards.
They are the ones who
forced me into
this lack of direction
influencing me to forget my
And im scared.
I've got this fear.
a fear of putting ones self
out there.
Fear of streching ones mind
and putting ones self
out of their box.
To lose my sense of self.
My uniqueness.
But one day I belive
you will save me,
and push me to refind myself
to piece
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 0
The Tick of Life
goes my heart
as steady as a clock.
Like the
it makes,
the beating of my heart measures
my life over and over
until the cogs stop moving.
But unlike a machine
my heart cannot be restarted
whenever the need arises.
So I treasure the melody
of life knowing it will end.
Each moment is precious
never to be relived exactly as it was before.
Unlike the clock where
each tick matches each tick
and each tock was as the one before.
Live on.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 1 3
A play entitled Life
Looking at the photographs
remembering better times.
Three of us smiling
a picture perfect moment
frozen forever in an instant
for times like this.
Cleaning up the clutter
packing boxes
another chapter of the story closed.
When you stumble upon the old album
and look at scenes past.
Smiling faces turn strained,
what once was close slowly morphs
into distance, once metaphorically
now becomes physical.
But that chapters done,
this one too with more to come.
So we freeze these moments
scene by scene
a chapter at a time,
till soon we have a play
and everyones a character
good, or bad or shades of grey.
Everyone has a part to play.
The question is "to be
or not to be?"
Or comedy?
Five stars? Or none?
That is up to you
and the character you play.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 1 8
Heaven's not so Sweet
Your halo is broken
your wings are bent.
It seems you have finally fallen.
I could see the end coming
and I mourn for what you feel is lost.
Im not sorry that you're here though,
Now you can be you and not fear.
They say Heaven is a paradise,
but I've seen the Angels cling to their Ideals
and its not what I think you had in mind.
So down from the clouds you spiral,
Emotions conflicting,
Guilt for what has happened
wars with the freedom you now have.
Fallen you now are,
broken for all the world to see.
Fear not though for I shall still be here.
I will pick up the pieces
and catch you mid-flight.
I will not judge and you won't pretend.
Once you were an Angel high above the clouds,
then you noticed a mortal to fall in love with.
They threw you down from Paradise for  the love they thought impure.
Love is what has sentanced you,
but Love will see you through.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 3
Accept Your Fate
Fold your hands my childe,
say your prayers and close your eyes.
The end has come upon you.
Beg for my mercy and you shall recieve not                    
however look ahead with determination
and your soul may be at peace.
Cowards die at the first sign of me,
but accept your fate and I might be kind.
I am the shadow following you home,
the monster under your bed,
the image you scoff at in the daylight.
I revel in your fear,
the power that it allows me.
Face your fears with eyes wide open,
do not cower before me and I may be kind.
I am Death.
I shall come for you,
fear me and things become tricky.
Accept me and your fate,
I shall take you gently.
I have the power,
but you choose your fate.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 2
I will Be
Go ahead and yell at me
I'll be
the brick wall that you need
to see
to scream.
I'll sit and
take the fall,
the blame.
So others
won't feel the pain.
I'll see and hear and face,
all you need to show to me
without disgrace.
So dont worry about me
I'll sit
and wait.
Let all the words
fall at my feet.
Watch as the colors of your soul
swirl around the room.
Blacks and reds and greys
all flowing with no rest.
Bouncing off my walls.
So here I sit
take all your anger and the hate.
So the world won't feel a thing
like everything is fine.
Even though its not.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 2 0
Fly Away
No one knows me like you know me.
You know my deepest secrets
my darkest shadows of the soul.
                                 Fly my little birdie, escape my trap.
                                 Save yourself from my enternal grasp.
You see these evils in my heart,
hear my evil laugh
and here you stay.
                                  Fly my birdie save yourself
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 2 3
There you Stand
I push, you pull
this is us.
Youre up, Im down.
Nothing seems to keep us together
yet here we are.
Everything seems to fall apart around me,
but there you stand.
Im waiting for you to see
how diffrent we can be.
But there you stay.
You pull, I push.
Better keep you away before I fall
and break apart from this thing called love.
You'll leave I know, they always do, and I dont want to be
Never again whole
because you own a piece of my soul.
Even now as I try to end this, this thing between us,
I will never have a piece of me again.
For somehow when I wasnt looking
you took it away and I cant seem to get it back.
It scares me to know
that you make these promises that arent
ment to be empty words.
Ad even though I push with all my power
you will always pull me back again.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 0
A Little Boy of Just Six
A little boy just five years old
his mother just pulled him from the only famly he's ever known.
A little boy just five years old once with love
is now alone.
He is surrounded by strangers who are so cold,
but he wont notice.
A little boy just five years old is now a shell
of his former self.
His face is dirty and he's sad.
His hearts been broken
but they wont listen.
A little boy who just turned six.
There was no party just empty words,
he has no friends, they were left back home.
Good-bye to Santa and the easter bunny
nobody has the time to make a small boy laugh.
So good-bye he also says to his dreams
whats the point if no one cares what he needs.
The memories he has, he will push back.
They are to painful for his six year old heart.
Maybe one day he will think back to
summer days spent at grandma's
staying up late with his aunt watching his favorite Scooby-Doo movies
playing, flying sky high in the lap of a cousin on the trampoline.
His face lit with laughter again and again.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 3
This is why he cries
He was an angel with his white-blonde hair,
shrouded in darkness.
No he wasnt a fallen angel,
for never was he full of light.
But he wasnt a dark devil either,
for all that he played the bad guy
with his evil remarks said to maim a persons very soul
He hid a heart that was pure and tender.
He ached with ideas of the people he would torture to save the people he held dear.
You would think this dark angel was cold and indiffrent
go so far as to say he enjoyed the pain he caused.
But look I ask,
look into those gray eyes and you would see a storm in not just color
but in the mirror of his soul.
Emotions swirl around one another clashing with each other
but all ending with pain.
And lonliness.
The lonliness of being manioulated.
The lonliness of being forced into a role that others have casted him into.
That is why he fought.
To break the mold destiny had tried to give him
to be free and fly with his own wings in a direction completly his own.
But alas this was never ment to be
for even as
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 2
Silent Gaurdian
     He stood over the room stairing in, gaurding it and keeping the small one inside safe. Stairing at the lonely little boy who stared out the window.  He watched the boy through his nine short short years of life, and the boys years of self isolation.
     He had watched the boy's birth, a precioyus gift given to the world. He had watched the boy make friends and build models with his father. Then later as his father lost his job and his parents fought. The man also watched that awful night. The night that many life paths were altered.
     The skies wer angry. Rain poured down like angry fists beating the earth followed thunder and lightning only adding to the chaos. Somewhere a teenage couple left a party, drunk. Laughing and enjoying life the driver never saw the car he hit containing a family of three.
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 2 9
Room 211
     "Rain rain go away" the little boy sang under his breath while staring out the window of the hospital. He had been here what seemed like forever to his nine short years, and every time it rained he sat.
     He just sat by the window staring out; singing the children's nursery rhym. Most of the time he wandered around the hospital. Keeping the other occupants company especially the ones people were quiet around, the really sick ones. The ones close to death.
      But rainy days were special, so he sat in the window of room 211, and sang, and remembered. He remembered the rain coming down pounding on the car as if desperate to get in, and watching it through the car window trying not to listen to mommy and daddy argueing. Screaming at each other in the front seats. He also remembered squealing tires and being tossed around, kinda like the salads h
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 3 16
The Golden Snitch
        "Ron, 'Mione? I think something wrong with Malfoy" Harry softly said to his two best friends.
      "Honestly Harry not this again! You know that he has to be good unless he wants to be thrown in Azkaban. I thought we went over this" Hermione huffed already irritated with the conversation.
     "Thats not what I ment 'Mione I think he might be ill or something. He just doesnt seem right." Harry confessed quietly.
     Harry was getting a little worried. It was 2 weeks into their 8th year and Malfoy hadnt said a mean word to anyone. Not even to Hagrid! At first he thought that Malfoy was just up to something and was trying to lay low. So he watched Malfoy like he use to and he slowly started to see that Malfoy was just quiet. He went to classes, he studied everyday textbooks in the library(yes Harry looked at the books after Malfoy was done with them.) and the
:iconkayla-kun-31592:Kayla-Kun-31592 0 6


Trapped by Meri-chan27 Trapped :iconmeri-chan27:Meri-chan27 2 0 Page05 by svetlania Page05 :iconsvetlania:svetlania 49 22 hades and persephone 2 by sandara hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 146,556 11,318 Starswirl Please by Pimmy Starswirl Please :iconpimmy:Pimmy 2,720 344 Pokemon Valentines 2013 by The-Blue-Pangolin Pokemon Valentines 2013 :iconthe-blue-pangolin:The-Blue-Pangolin 88 11 Silly Self Portrait by Meri-chan27 Silly Self Portrait :iconmeri-chan27:Meri-chan27 2 0 Timeline - Friendship (Cute) by cendredelune Timeline - Friendship (Cute) :iconcendredelune:cendredelune 787 122 If tears left scars... by DestinyBlue If tears left scars... :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 29,444 2,688
A true hero
Stand guard,
don't back down.
You can win
if you only try.
Sword in one hand,
shield in another,
he stands over his charge
ready to die.
He was the person
that you told everything to.
The one you went crying to.
The one who never ran out of hugs.
The one who soaked up your tears.
The one who you carried around everywhere.
The one who always slept by your side.
He's your teddy bear.
He guards over you at night,
because while you might not believe,
the monsters are still there.
They come at night
when you don't expect it
to take what they want.
Even though
you don't run to him anymore
your teddy bear remembers.
He remembers the endless love.
He remembers everything.
Every night he stands
sword in one hand,
shield in another,
ready to fight.
All for the person
who loves him the most.
:iconoilux:Oilux 1,274 292
mini oil thin red line by Meri-chan27 mini oil thin red line :iconmeri-chan27:Meri-chan27 2 3
My heart,
Ripped apart,
A day like any other,
But everything changed.
I lost my little brother,
few words exchanged.
When I close my eyes,
I watch the scene replay.
No time for goodbyes,
Everyone she did betray.
My heart,
Ripped apart,
When I try to sleep,
I hear the screams.
I watch him weep,
Taken on extremes...
A boy of six,
Now going on seven.
Too many conflicts,
before age eleven.
My heart,
Ripped apart,
A boy now all alone,
Nobody to care.
A year grown,
A year spent there.
No happiness,
Life sucked dry.
There's sadness,
Plenty to come by.
It's been a year,
Time gone by.
All I held dear,
Said goodbye...
My heart,
Ripped apart...
:iconiamwheezy:IAmWheezy 1 4
DT- Vampire Kisses by caycowa DT- Vampire Kisses :iconcaycowa:caycowa 327 74 Two Worlds by AmukaUroy Two Worlds :iconamukauroy:AmukaUroy 825 193


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Happy New Year everybody!!!! Last year was pretty dramatic and chaotic. I hope this year calms down. Alot happened from deaths to break-ups to moving. Hopefully everyone has a great new year and all our resolutions happen. <3


United States
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